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scavenger of human misery
08 December 2013 @ 03:22 pm

christmas card time! leave your full name and address
if you want a christmas card! i have a lot of addresses already
but if you've moved recently, you can leave a comment for me just in case :)
if you don't have my address and and you want to send me a christmas card, let me know
and i'll leave a screened reply or send you a dm with my address. happy happy holiday season!

all comments are screened for your privacy.
anonymous comments are on as well, just please make a note of who you are on twitter/tumblr/lj/whatever so i know who i'm sending the card to.
scavenger of human misery


( i don't add people with whom i have no common interests. i don't add people unless they comment here first. i don't add people with brand new accounts. i don't add people with empty journals. )
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scavenger of human misery
20 December 2010 @ 01:45 am
here is my post about ontd's most memorable trolls that the nazi nice mods of ONTD RUDELY kindly rejected. i hope you enjoy bbs :*


ONTD has had some pretty prominent and well-known members in the past, and the easiest way to make your mark is to take up trolling. But it takes a lot of effort and time and dedication to be a well known troll, and only a few of the thousands of ONTD members manage to troll so well that their names will live in infamy forever. With the help of grande_latte and some other users via twitter, I compiled a list of the ten most infamous ONTD trolls, in no order.

did ur faves make the list?!Collapse )

source: ontd, google searching ontd, the mods, the trolls, ontd members, etc